December Reads & Recs // The Theme of Magic

I go crazy this time of year with Christmas. So when I thought about what books I’d like to read to make the season merry and bright, I thought of magic. But not Harry Potter-type magic, but rather the kind of magic that’s related to fate and love. So for the month of December I’d like to read these three books:

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1. In Sunlight and In Shadow by Mark Helprin

I tried reading this book three times and didn’t get far, for some reason. But it has everything I love: a romantic story, a cheesy magical plot, history, war, flashbacks, et cetera.

2. Forever by Pete Hamill

I first started reading this book when I was a senior in high school. I think my bookmark is still wedged somewhere around page 100. Even though I stopped reading it inexplicably halfway through, the story stuck with me. I have been meaning to read it again for the past couple years, and I think December is the perfect time.

These two books also have another thing in common: New York. I’ve been on a New York-themed kick this year with my reading and I’m eager for it to continue. It also reminds me of Christmas in New York, which is a magical experience—despite the man-eating crowds. Nothing is more poetic to me than a snow-blanketed New York, when even the stoplights look festive and everything glitters with twinkle lights from every window. Christmas in New York is one of my favorite feelings.

And lastly:

3. A Christmas Carol

This is my yearly tradition, reading Dickens’s classic story right before Christmas Day. It gets me thinking about the true spirit of the season.

What’s on your reading lists this month?

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