DIY // Wedding Shoes

Here’s Part 2 of my sister’s wedding shoe series. Previously I did my own bridesmaid’s shoes, and now here’s my sister’s bridal shoes! She’s having a winter theme and her colors are navy blue and taupe, so I bought her these blue suede shoes (!) from Nine West and then we went together to craft stores to get some supplies. We lucked out with this beautiful pendant for the backs of the shoes, and then some individual rhinestones and crystals to mimic the look of ice freezing and melting off the shoe. It’s a heel worthy of Elsa’s wedding.


Here’s the process:

IMG_9386IMG_9385IMG_9388 IMG_9389 IMG_9390 IMG_9391 IMG_9393 IMG_9395

Of course, liberal amounts of E-6000 glue was used, and I had to pry dried glue off my tweezer afterward, because I don’t own any jewelry-making apparatus. Sue me.

Next was the front of the shoe, same thing with the whole ice-crystal freezing effect:

Photo Nov 18, 10 10 20 PM Photo Nov 18, 10 48 19 PM Photo Nov 18, 11 21 50 PM Photo Nov 18, 11 22 01 PM

Then there was the dicey moment when I dropped an entire gigantic glob of glue onto the front of the shoe and freaked out. I had to buff out the dried glue with a nail file. I do not recommend being glib with the glue. That stuff means business.

So that’s the final product! Part 3 is the maid of honor’s shoes…


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  • I have been waiting for this post! I’m so excited to finally see it! 😉 Love the sparkle and would definitely buy those shoes! Xxx