DIY // Feathers on my shoes

Here’s that DIY! A couple days ago I sat down and customized these simple nude heels from DSW to include a pearl design on the sides, a cluster of jewels on the front, and a flurry of feathers on the back. Here’s my process.


First, I attached the pearl scrapbook appliqué and placed one on the top and bottom of the shoe’s side. Because the appliqué was already sticky, I could attach it to the shoe but still move it around if I wanted. Once I had the placement correct on the shoe I reinforced it with E-6000 glue, a necessity for these kinds of projects.


Even this shoe was so pretty as it was, but a little too bridal for this purpose. I wanted something funky.

Next I played around with a design for the front of the shoe. I clustered a couple big rhinestones together into a design I liked and placed a couple thin feathers underneath them, anchoring the feathers with glue so that they traveled up the shoe and stayed put. I also added a couple flat-back pearl stickers to the cluster of rhinestones to match the side design.

IMG_9371 IMG_9372 IMG_9374 IMG_9376

Next I played with feathers! I upended the entire bag of feathers but ended up only using one or two. Oh, well. What I did was strip the feathers that were attached so that I could use the individual ones. I also clipped off the bottoms of many of the feathers because the bottoms tended to be too fluffy.


See how these feathers were all attached? I unattached them and arranged each feather individually on the back of each shoe:


I used the spotted ones as the focal point because the bridesmaid’s dress is taupe, so I think it’s the perfect match with the shoe and the dress.


Next I added clusters of rhinestones and pearls! It’s so sparkly.

IMG_9382 IMG_9384I glued everything with my trusty E-6000, and the next day everything was hard as cement. The feathers are delicate but even if these shoes get utterly destroyed the day of the wedding, I’m still so glad I did them. It was so much fun and made my sister’s wedding a little more special.

I am also bedazzling the bride’s shoes! That DIY is coming as soon as I can finish them! She has blue suede shoes and wants an effect like icicles dripping from them…it’s coming out beautifully so far. Can’t wait to share those photos.


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  • These heels are gorgeous! I am in awe of all those additions and how natural they look together. Great job!

    • Thank you! I was really pleased with how weird/pretty they came out.