Book Lust: A Gory Grimm Translation

In case you didn’t know, I loooove fairy tales, always have, always will. I’m also a pretty big fan of sad, weird, twisted stories. Hey—did you know there’s a new translation of Grimms’ fairy tales out?

51lhLh5NW1LThe new collection is the first English translation of the first edition of the fairy tales, the edition the Brothers originally wrote before editing it another six times to suit a younger audience. This is the seriously gory one that’s more popular and well known in Europe, and which contributed to the reputation the Grimm Brothers enjoy of being sick, twisted storytellers. Like, did you know that the stepsisters in the original Cinderella actually cut off little pieces of their feet to make the slipper fit? Or that Rapunzel was basically raped by the Prince? Or that there is an entire story in the original edition called “The Children Play at Slaughtering”?

I have the seventh, fiercely edited collection of the stories that are popular here, but I’m so excited for this edition. It’s the first English translation, as I said, and it therefore preserves more of the oral tradition than any of the subsequent editions. It’s also gory, gross, and horrific, and therefore much more awesome.

The new translation is published by Princeton University Press and is illustrated by Andrea Dezsö. It’s so beautiful, and has me lusting hard for it. Christmas, anyone? 

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