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This outfit is an extreme example of repurposing old clothes. Almost every single article of clothing in this outfit is two-plus years old or a hand-me-down. The boots are from ~2011, the top is from my sister (I salvaged it from her Goodwill pile), the mustard jacket is also ~2011, and the skirt must be from 2009 or so! It’s mad old. I used to wear it at least once a month in college. And the scarf is my mother’s.

IMG_9167 IMG_9178 IMG_9191 IMG_9202 IMG_9156 IMG_9231

It’s always a challenge putting together solid outfits on a tight budget, but it’s also fun and extremely satisfying to leave your bank account alone and just rummage through your own closet.

boots from Marshalls (Adrienne Vittadini), top from Garage, skirt from Forever 21

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  • Love it! I love thrift store shopping or digging through my closet and putting together a great look. Sometimes I pack clothes away for a while and revisit them later. It’s like Christmas! Haha.

    • That’s a great idea! Things always look a little better when you haven’t seen/worn them in years.

  • Tell me that you’re not serious calling clothes from 2011 “old” and 2009 “mad old”. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that.

    • Haha! Keep in mind that the bulk of my clothing comes from cheap stores like Forever 21. That stuff does not age well. I also went through some weird fashion phases and got rid of a lot of my college and late high school clothing. The bunny slippers have invariably remained, however. 🙂