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FEATUREDNovember’s Featured Blogger is The Wink, written by Julianne Cronin. Here is her story:

photo-2Hi! I’m Julianne and I write The Wink. I’m a twenty-something San Francisco blogger who loves bright lipstick, birds, anything gold + glittery, good eyebrows, and being cozy. The Wink is a modern gal’s guide to everything fun and fabulous, offering tips and tricks on beauty, life, style, home decor, and recipes. I started The Wink in the summer of 2013 as a way to share my insider knowledge of beauty and style with friends and family. I’m a Maine native who recently moved to San Francisco with my boyfriend and our kitty. We’re enjoying exploring our new city and hoping to make some new connections in the Bay Area!

The Wink is different from other beauty and style blogs because I inspire women (and men!) to be the best version of themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin. I am constantly searching for new and unique takes on topics such as makeup tutorials, product recommendations, and style tips. I believe in finding the joy in what is around you, in your own family and friends (however far away they may be), in good food and good places, and in your own surroundings. I’m thankful for my little corner of the internet to share the things I love and proud to be a part of a community of bloggers doing the same.

Thanks for having me, Lisa!

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Highlights from The Wink:

Raspberry Ice Cream Pie

Subscription Smackdown: Ipsy Glam Bag vs. Birch Box

You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

I love The Wink because of the care and attention Julianne gives to everything she writes and everything she photographs. Her blog is truly a feast for the eyes, and her posts are compulsively readable. That bra size one in particular was so interesting and informative.

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