Halloween Highlights…

I wish I could dress like this every day. Halloween night, my sisters and I all got ready together in our 1920s finery, my blonde sister emulating Daisy Buchanan and my brunette sister looking like she’d stepped straight out of a 1920s film strip:

Photo Oct 31, 6 30 26 PMPhoto Oct 31, 6 49 14 PMPhoto Oct 31, 6 48 45 PM

Most of the fun of Halloween is getting your costume together and being wowed by the end result. Seriously, we all wished we could be this pretty all the time. As for myself, I was so, so pleased with how my costume turned out; I thought I channeled Jordan Baker very well, if I do say so myself.Photo Oct 31, 6 49 41 PM

Dressed up in flapper chic, we went downtown to the West Village to check out this year’s parade, but ended up taking our time sipping gin martinis at a bar, and then roaming the streets with the rest of New York’s Halloween attendees! My brother-in-law was awesome as Jay Gatsby, in a black tux and carrying around a plastic coupe. He was recognized everywhere he went with three flappers on his arm, so that by the end of the night more people addressed him first as “Mr. Gatsby.” It was pretty awesome!

Here are some highlights of my night:

Photo Oct 31, 6 47 02 PM Photo Oct 31, 7 59 01 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 00 31 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 05 29 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 05 43 PM Photo Oct 31, 8 07 24 PM

It was a night of selfies, what can I say? 😉

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