Beauty Review // Peter Thomas Roth "Oilless Oil"

eBay is my best friend. I first heard about the Peter Thomas Roth “Oilless Oil” through Beauty Army that time when I briefly considered signing up for the service. On the website I heard about this miracle facial oil that uses that mysterious and amazing creation, squalane oil, to moisturize and heal the skin. The oil is called “oilless” because it doesn’t necessarily feel like the way you think an oil would feel: it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy, filmy residue. I am here to tell you not that this product isn’t good, but that my face is Frankenstein. It needs a lot of attention and doesn’t know if it’s human or not. What?

It’s really sensitive, much like Frankenstein. So I can understand why this oil didn’t work as magically as I was expecting it to. I bought a teeny, tiny sample size bottle from eBay for a few bucks (hence the intro) and I’m glad I didn’t splurge and buy the big guy. My nightly facial routine is basically honey-baking soda-apple cider vinegar, so I added the oil as a moisturizer before bed.

Photo Oct 10, 3 37 14 PM

The first two nights the oil worked great. I woke up with glowing, dewy skin and prayed to the gods. But after a couple more nights I realized that the oil was preventing my face from breathing and I started to break out. It took a few days to reverse, and so I figured I couldn’t use it that often but then I just forgot about it at all. My face seemed fine. So I didn’t even finish the minuscule sample size of the oil and haven’t used it since.

Oh, well. This is why I can’t have nice things, Frankenstein face.*

*Frankenstein’s monster, duh.

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  • Interesting! I had a similar experience with another Peter Thomas Roth product – the CC cream. People swear by this all over moisturizer/foundation/skincare product. I thought it looked great for a couple of days, but then starting breaking out like crazy. It took more than 3 weeks for more face to return to normal, and that was after discontinuing use after 3 days (when I realized the cream was the culprit). Yuck. It seems I can’t have nice things either.

    • Interesting the way sensitive skin reacts to the products that work for everyone else! So annoying. This is why I don’t love trying new products! Best to stick with what I know will work.