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FEATUREDThe first blog to be featured in this series is Kat’s 9 Lives, written by Kat. Here is her story:

self-portraitI fought. I rolled my eyes. I complained. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, placed a huge emphasis on writing, and I hated every minute of it. My personal narratives were too lengthy, my fictional tales were too realistic, and my essays were too choppy. Stubborn, nine-year-old Kat was determined to NEVER enjoy writing. I would endure it for a good grade, but I was not going to have fun with a pen in my hand.

Meanwhile, I spent every free second reading. I read novels in the car, biographies for class, and shampoo bottles in the shower. If something had words on it, I wanted to know what it said. In late elementary, I soaked in numerous facts just by reading. I won trivia games about movies I had never seen because I had read the books that inspired the movies. My eyes devoured words. In sixth grade, I read multiple books that were written in journal form, and in April, I started my first journal. In it, I complained about soccer practice, dreamt about my crush, and droned about mundane daily happenings. Six years and a dozen journals later, I made a realization: I enjoy writing.

Actually, I enjoy it a lot, which is quite evident on my blog. I couldn’t choose one topic, so I chose nine, which I dubbed my “Nine Lives.” I enjoy traveling (My Adventurous Life), DIY and photography (My Artsy Life), cute clothes (My Fashionable Life), thrift shopping and discount finds (My Frugal Life), running and cooking (My Healthy Life), planning (My Organized Life), college (My Scholarly Life), spending time with friends (My Social Life), and loving my Savior, Jesus Christ (My Spiritual Life). Wow! That is a lot! But we, as women, are prone to be slightly indecisive.

I started Kat’s 9 Lives in November of 2013 because I wanted to share my thoughts on all of these topics with others. My goal is to encourage my readers to grow, learn, impact others, and serve God on a daily basis.

Highlights from Kat’s 9 Lives:

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I love Kat’s 9 Lives because like me, she is interested in a myriad of subjects and has something personal to share about all of them. She is passionate about her beliefs and spreads love in the world. You can follow Kat on her blog at Kat’s 9 Lives here!

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