Manhattan by Sail Beer Tasting…the perfect day.

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Last weekend I experienced what was one of my favorite things in the world: a beer tasting on board a 19th century replica schooner on the Hudson River. This day was perfect in so many ways and I wanted to share my experience with you all. If you’re ever coming to New York in the summer, this is a must, especially if you love beer. And pirates 😉

I found this company on Groupon; it’s called Manhattan By Sail / Clipper City and they organize these kinds of events all over the city. Each week the boat departs on Saturday and Sunday for two hours, from noon to 2 p.m. Each week sees another brewery featured, and our brewery was Captain Lawrence. Being from Westchester, Captain Lawrence is a staple and they brew some of my favorite beers so while I didn’t get to try anything new, it was still awesome having my favorite beers while riding on this amazing 19th century-inspired ship!


The view was sick. I’ve been on Circle Lines before but never like this. I can get really sappy about America and about New York, so this view was just to die for, in my opinion! The beer helped. Everything was also organized really well. There were appetizers served aboard the ship like meats and cheeses, and five brews were served every fifteen minutes! They also had other brews for sale by the pint.

It was also really cool seeing the ship (even though it had a motor) being “crewed” by the employees, who worked the helm, lowered the sails, and did all these other shippy things. Everything was organized really well and it was the perfect day! I loved spending time with my sister and brother-in-law, and luckily we had a clear day and smooth sailing…


They took us right up to that pretty lady, the Statue of Liberty, and then we had this just amazing panorama of lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower.



This post isn’t sponsored or anything, but I feel so compelled to endorse this event anyway, since I just had such a great experience. Check out the Manhattan By Sail / Clipper City Beer Tasting and seriously do this if you’re ever in New York for the warmer months!

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