Roman Holiday // eShakti Custom Dress

This dress reminds me so much of Roman Holiday and Audrey Hepburn, and it’s thanks to a wonderful company called eShakti. I’d heard about eShakti before they contacted me: they’re a clothing company committed to bringing beautiful fashion pieces to women of all sizes, and they go about it in a unique way. When you pick an item on their site, you have the option to have your piece cut and tailored to your exact measurements. Isn’t that awesome? No more fussing with fit reviews or wondering if the dress you want comes in your size. Everything is perfectly tailored. And they carry sizes 0-36W.

I love the message of eShakti but if possible, I love this dress even more. I almost never wear full skirts like these, and I loved how feminine I felt with the skirt swishing around me. It’s got a retro vibe, so I really did feel like Audrey Hepburn running around Rome! The print contributes to this feeling too.

Ordering from eShakti is an awesome experience. I picked the dress I wanted and then took my measurements. They ask for standard measurements like waist, bust, hips and shoulder span, but they also offer huge customizations on the shape and cut of the dress itself. You can pick the length of the skirt (mini, maxi, midi, etc.), the sleeve type, even the shape of the neckline. It was really awesome. I opted to keep the dress sleeveless and with a square neckline, but I made the skirt mini because I’m short.

The dress was beautifully packaged and pressed:



When I put it on it literally felt like a glove. I couldn’t believe how well it fit, but that’s obviously due to the care they take to make sure your dress is cut and tailored specifically for you. I felt so pampered. My mom loved the dress and she grabbed her iPad and went on the website immediately, it was pretty funny.

Here’s how I styled the dress:


IMG_8546 IMG_8654 IMG_8663IMG_8670 IMG_8577 IMG_8631

Use the coupon code “themosthappy” to get 10% off your order until 10/24/2014.

dress c/o eShakti, shoes from Nine West, ring from Moon Angel Jewelry

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  • Beautiful fit and pattern. I do love that full dress look. So feminine and graceful and definitely evokes Hepburn as you said. I always have a hard time with where precisely to take measurements. I assume they gave you a guide? I will definitely look into this company because I always have a hard time finding dresses that fit well. Great find, thanks for letting us know about eShakti!

    • Yeah! They have illustrations showing you exactly where to measure. It does help to have a second person hanging around, though. I couldn’t measure my shoulders by myself! Luckily I knew all of my measurements like bust, waist, hip etc. just from buying clothes online!

  • Beautiful dress, I love how they literally custom made it for you! It is very Roman Holiday, all you need a Vespa to ride around on.


  • Mel

    Gorgeous dress! Love the pattern! Love the shoes with this dress!