Staying Connected // Lumsing Power Bank Review

Working from home obviously requires a lot of power and constant connectivity. That’s why I was so happy when Lumsing approached me to review a product for them. I chose a mobile power bank, which allows me to keep my devices charged and working while I am. I chose the Lumsing® 10400mAh Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank in champagne gold.

Working from my desk at home gets tiring, so like a lot of other writers/those who work from home, I frequent Starbuckses, cafes, Barnes & Nobles, to get my work done. I love my little Lumsing power bank because I can keep my iPhone, Kindle, and sometimes my mom’s iPad fully charged and working perfectly.

IMG_8276The Lumsing packaging was very careful and cute! I loved the sturdiness and quality of the unit itself, and the fact that it came with a little drawstring carrying case was an extra bonus. The unit came almost fully charged, but I plugged it into my laptop to give it a boost before I started using it, just to make sure. The four blue dots told me the unit was fully charged and ready to use.

IMG_8279 IMG_8415 IMG_8421

I plugged my nearly dead iPhone into the power bank and it charged as fast as you would expect if the phone were plugged into a wall unit: about an hour or so. After the full charge, the power bank hadn’t lost any of its charge, so that’s awesome. I brought it with me for a long writing sesh at Starbucks and it was really helpful, not taking up any USB ports on my laptop and allowing me to work freely and stay connected.


I think a power bank is a great thing to have for any office, but especially for anyone who wants to remain mobile. It is another thing to carry, but instead of plugging into a wall outlet at work and taking up space, or sapping power out of your laptop, now I can use the power bank to charge all my devices and make my work a lot easier. The bank provides like five or six full iPhone charges and it’s just another line of defense in the business of trying to stay connected!

I also took it outside while I worked and kept my iPhone charged. I think this power bank can actually replace my wall charger. It’s certainly a lot more convenient.

So, thanks Lumsing for the power bank. It’s so cute, and I really love it!

You can get yours at this link for about $20 now, which is an insane deal.

Power Bank c/o Lumsing

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  • Wow, 20 dollars is affordable, and it looks very efficient and useful to tote around.

    • Yep I keep it in my purse! Now I have a charging bag 🙂