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A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about how Modcloth had signed a pledge promising not to Photoshop their ads. The “Truth in Advertising Heroes Pledge,” organized by the Brave Girls’ Alliance, sets out terms and conditions limiting the Photoshop practices of those who sign the pledge. By signing, Modcloth has agreed to “do [their] best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in [their] ads in post-production.” ModCloth also agrees to label any photoshopped images with a “Truth in Advertising” label to ensure that “children and teens do not confuse an advertising ‘ideal’ with what’s real.”

Modcloth is the first official clothing retailer to sign the pledge! When I heard the news, I was happy, but it also seemed to me kind of a no-brainer. I think the time for Photoshopping women’s bodies has passed, honestly. Society has changed to the point where so many women would rather see diversity in their ads, diversity that shows their different types of bodies represented in a positive light. This brings me to Modcloth’s “Truth in Fashion” campaign.

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Modcloth’s campaign is built on the results of a study proving just how much “the fashion industry is out of step with what women are looking for.” Modcloth has a point, as big-name fashion retailers and magazines continue to Photoshop their models to fit into an ideal that so many women are learning to reject. There is no ideal body type for women. And Modcloth has not only embraced that, but they have been promoting it since the establishment of their company.

The Modcloth “Truth in Fashion” campaign gives power back to women, to the consumers of fashion, to set the standards for what they see in their ads and magazines. This is a huge shift in perspective from the fashion industry, because we’re all so used to seeing one type of woman represented in our magazines. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being skinny (I’ve been rail-thin all my life and have sometimes been mocked for it, so that shows you no one is immune to body-shaming) but obviously, all women are beautiful just the way they are. Modcloth celebrates this.

So I will be participating in their “Truth in Fashion” campaign, and so should you! To join the “movement,” take an outfit photo or selfie and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag “#fashiontruth.” Your photo will be posted on the Modcloth blog! I’ll be participating as a Featured Blogger, and I hope that the little I’ve done to promote healthy body image will make a difference.

Photo from Modcloth blog, links to source.

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