The Purge Is Real, Tales of a Closet

Last week I was going out to dinner and couldn’t find a thing to wear. Specifically, I couldn’t find a top that I didn’t hate, one that was the right length, color, cut, et cetera. I tore my wardrobe out of my closet in frustration, and was then faced with the daunting task of putting everything back in some semblance of order. The solution? Purging. 

Every few months or so I try to clean out my closet and really scrutinize what I wear and what I’m just holding onto. So many articles of clothing have been in my closet for years, simply because I’m too sentimental to part with them. I always think I’ll wear them again, even around the house in the case of old Abercrombie tops, or that I’ll find a way to incorporate them into some fabulous new outfit. But as the weeks go by and I keep eschewing the old stuff and buying new stuff, I know I’ll never wear them. Enter the purge. Guys, the purge is real. And it happened to my wardrobe.

Photo Aug 29, 10 23 33 AMThis time, the purge didn’t come in the form of careful choosing and tearful goodbyes; no, this time, I just ripped things out of drawers and threw them dramatically on the floor, as if each piece of clothing had wronged me somehow. I was so annoyed that I didn’t want to wear any of these things, that none of them matched the outfit I had in mind, that I threw them in a pile and walked away, perhaps to an explosion happening behind me, leaving my abandoned clothing in cinders. (At least that’s how I imagined it.)

So now I have gaps in my wardrobe that need to be filled. It’s always the simple things that stump me: the plain white top, the black tee, the simple skirts. I can never find good staples for my wardrobe. I have such weird items, but I never have the simple ones that tie an outfit together.

I left my clothing in a pile in front of my wardrobe, so it may be time to fold them all up and donate them, or save the good-quality clothes to sell for a few bucks on Poshmark. Has anyone used Poshmark? I can never seem to sell anything.

So, yeah the purge is real. It’s a good thing to clean out your closet every season. It helps pare down the things you don’t need and it keeps your style fresh and interesting. How often do you guys clean out your wardrobe? Do you get absurdly attached to things you’ve worn on first dates, like me? (But it’s special, I swear. I’ll keep this polka-dot tank top for just another year.)

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  • Don’t bother with PoshMark! I’ve sent 3 bags full of clothes I no longer wore to Like It Twice. They mail you a bag, you fill it up, they cover shipping, and then you get a check 2-3 weeks later. Anything they don’t purchase they donate to charity for you.

    • You’re kidding. That sounds awesome! Thanks so much!

  • I get attached to clothes too. Even if I haven’t worn it in years there are some items I just can’t seem to part with!

  • I need to do this! I hold on to stuff not because I particularly like them, but because I think they may be useful “one day.” Maybe I just need to close my eyes, grab, and dump?

    • Haha, that’s a great solution! That’s basically what I did, except I had waves of fury coming out of me.