Today I wanted to share with you all a project I’ve been working on for the past few months: redecorating my bedroom. Since high school it’s gone through many transformations, but now that I’m an adult and working from home, I really needed a space all to myself, that I loved and wouldn’t mind spending hours in.


I painted one wall red and the other ones gold; I love bright, dramatic colors and this was perfect. Can you tell I’m obsessed with mermaids? And John William Waterhouse!


All the pieces of furniture in my bedroom were white before the redecoration: kiddy white furniture I’ve had since I was young. To redecorate, I scoured thrift stores, Home Goods, and estate sales and found some pretty awesome pieces for absurdly cheap, like $15 to $20 dollars! I also love decorating with souvenirs from places I’ve visited. My cousin calls me Ariel, because I hoard junk like The Little Mermaid.


All of my clothes are in a wardrobe in my sister’s old room, so my bedroom feels more like an office now! Except for the shoes, which are the focal point, of course 😉 It was also a challenge finding places to put books. I had everything organized and perfect, until a B&N shopping spree left me with no room again! Maybe under my bed?


It also took me a while to find the perfect chair, one with the right height and comfort level, without being ugly. I got this one from Pier 1, and I’m obsessed with it. It has three different patterns. The desk is my old art desk from high school that my art teacher let me keep when they got new furniture for the art room. So that was free! It’s chipped and has paint stains all over it, and I love it so much.

I’m kind of attached to my old dolls, and semi-afraid that if I move them into the attic they’ll get mad and kill me in the night, so they stay in my room.


I’m so happy with the finished product and I just love my room now! What do you guys think?


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