Check out my guest post on "Jill Of All Genres"

Photo Jul 21, 9 40 22 AMI recently had the honor to write a guest post on “Jill Of All Genres,” a wonderful literary blog run by Emilie Staat, a multitalented writer and blogger. She approached me to write a piece on re-reading a book that has been influential to me, and I chose A Room With A View. Some of you may know that this book is on my Top Ten Books of All Time list, and that it continues to be a source of inspiration and comfort to me.

I snapped at the chance to re-read it and reflect on the book, what it meant to me when I first read it, and what it means to me now. I was surprised and elated to find out that I responded to this book in more emotional ways the second time around! Check out the full piece at this link: The Re-Reading Project Guest Post: A Room with a View.

And follow Emilie’s blog here!

Happy August, everyone! I hope your summer has been relaxing and exciting so far.

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