Reflections on Re-Reading Harry Potter

At nine years old my mother said to me, “You love to read so much, why don’t you read those Harry Potter books everyone is talking about?” Ever the stubborn girl, I told her I didn’t need her to recommend books to me, thank you very much (I was sassy). Then she bought me the first four books for Christmas. I devoured them in two weeks, and the rest is history.

I remember not being allowed to go to the midnight party for Order of the Phoenix, then being chaperoned to the release party of The Half-Blood Prince. When Deathly Hallows was released, I was deep in mourning. Like so many of us, Harry Potter had been a huge influence on me. Seven years after the last book, here’s why I still can’t resist re-reading them all the time.

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1. They appeal to my childlike wish for magic.

The world we live in is possibly anything but magical. Descending into the pages of Harry Potter means entering a world full of magic that we can only dream about. Little 11-year-old Harry is plucked from his miserable life with the Dursleys and finds a new world where he can find happiness. Reopening these pages means rediscovering this magic and experiencing hope.

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2. They stress the importance of love and friendship.

Hermione said it best when she said, “There are more important things—friendship, and bravery.” Harry Potter taught me about the strong bonds of friendship and about taking risks to protect the people you love. These books also taught me about the strength of love. Voldemort’s evil stems from his complete and utter lack of love, and Harry’s ability to love deeply and unselfishly is the one power he has that is able to vanquish this indestructible evil.

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3. The strong emphasis they place on courage.

So yeah, Gryffindors can be kind of reckless and short-tempered, but then again, so can we all. Harry Potter taught me the value of bravery and of constantly pushing oneself to take chances and never play it safe. Sometimes it gets you into trouble but often, courage means the difference between disappointment and the fulfillment of all your dreams.

Photo Jul 14, 7 07 04 PM

4. It’s effing hilarious

My family always made fun of me when I was a kid for laughing out loud reading these books, but you know what? Over ten years after I first read them, they can still make me crack up. And my family and friends still make fun 🙂

P.S. I drink a lot of coffee and take pictures of it with books.

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  • Love Harry Potter! Haven’t been able to reread them recently though 🙁

  • This is funny because my friend sent me an article that reading Harry Potter as a child makes children more compassionate and less likey to be racist. It’s really interesting.

  • you are making me want to read harry potter again, i have a prediciment – my copies are in Birmingham and i live in plymouth! 🙁

  • I love this post–Harry Potter has been around for more than half of my life. It’s truly a magical series.

  • I love these pictures, and the various vestibules you used for your coffee! Also I think e-readers now make it so much easier to read whatever you want where ever you want! Regardless of target audience age range! x

    • Haha, I love my strange coffee vestibules! I agree about e-readers but I stubbornly persist in reading the original Harry Potter books I bought when they first came out! I am such a sentimental sap 🙂