Beauty // Stylin' Those Curls

I’m one of those girls who never does any interesting hairstyles. I love having my hair down and around my face, headbands pinch my scalp and make my small face look smaller, and having naturally curly hair definitely limits what I can mold my hair into. But, being bored with my hair once in a while, I hit Pinterest to see if I could find curly hairstyles to lift me out of my style rut. Here’s what I found:

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The last two are my favorites. I often do a half-up style but never with that much volume on my crown! And I love the braided side, it adds a touch of something special to my normal, hair-down style.

One thing I’ve noticed about “curly hairstyles” is that they’re all variations on the same basic theme: add a braid, pull it back, tie it in a ponytail. Straight hair is much easier to style and allows so much more freedom! Oh, well.

Do you have any interesting curly hair style inspiration for me?

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  • This is so pretty! My hair is so boring, it’s so straight and just sits there, doesn’t let me curl it or anything.

    • You’re lucky you have straight hair! It’s a lot easier to manage!