Re-Reading Harry Potter

Photo Jul 01, 10 20 29 AM

Yay!! I can’t wait to read these books again. I usually read them once a year, sometime in the summer when I have the time to devote to them, but it’s been a while since I’ve read these books. I was obsessed with them since I was nine or ten years old and truly, not much has changed since then. Harry Potter never gets old.

The first book is still full of the magic I fell in love with when I was a kid. Am I too old to get my Hogwarts letter? I recently got my sister to finally read the series, as well as my best friend, and I’m in awe at their experiences reading the books for the first time. I wish I could wipe my memory and read these books without knowing anything. But I’ll settle for frequent re-reads.

Is there a book you can’t help but read over and over? Do you love Harry Potter as much as I do??

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  • I love rereading! I don’t know how many times I’ve reread Harry Potter, but my current series rereads are Ranger’s Apprentice and Percy Jackson.

    • I love rereading too! Every time it’s different!

  • Hey I love this… Harry Potter is great but, how do you manage to read them ALL, EVERY YEAR!!??

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  • Fun to watch the movies again too. While not quite the same as the books they do capture some of the magic.

    • That they do! I’ll have to do that as well.

  • The Harry Potter series are the only books that I’ve ever read and loved every time. I hope you enjoy them as much this time around as the last! 🙂

  • I started rereading the series last week and it feels like coming home. It’s strange how returning to a book and receding into its pages can feel so comforting! I’m 24 now but I still feel like a little child when I read these books, and I absolutely love it 🙂

  • Yes, I think I’ve read them all about 4 times!! Beautiful photo, btw!

  • I wanna do this so bad but left my books at home!

    • That’s such a shame! I’m loving it so far

  • Yes, I love Harry Potter as much as you do! It’s so great, because every time I re-read them I find something that I didn’t notice before. It’s like they’re constantly evolving, even when they’re just sitting on my shelves.

    • I completely agree! Books change as you change, and each time you read, you find something different to respond to.

  • I do love Harry Potter, but it’s not my go-to re-read books. I’m just re-reading them right now, as a matter of fact (almost done with book one), but I haven’t read them in a few years. My favorite books to re-read are the Anne of Green Gables series, Lord of the Rings, and a bunch of random stand-alones in fantasy, comedy, and non-fiction. Great post!

    • Love LOTR! I think it’s definitely about time for a reread of that book too!

  • True, Harry Potter is immortal 🙂 Maybe I should reread again.

  • I love Harry Potter! It’s the only series which I can reread over and over again. Actually, I could reread the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ and the ‘Lemony Snicket’ books after a really long time. But, Harry Potter is truly amazing!

    • I love the Chronicles of Narnia too! There’s something about fantasy…