Novellas for Days

It is my mission this week to read a novella a day. I picked up these multicolored paperbacks from The BookCon last week and have since made it my mission to finish one each day. These books are published by Melville House Books. Each volume is a novella by a classic or well-known author, and is usually a little-known work in their oeuvre. They’re also something called “hybrid books”—they contain a QR code in the back that you can scan to access bonus materials. Pretty cool!

Photo Jun 03, 10 54 56 PM

I’m loving this challenge. Yesterday I read two: The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by Fitzgerald, and Austen’s hysterical Lady Susan. Follow my progress on Goodreads (link in my sidebar) and follow along for reviews!

(When I was writing this post I tentatively titled it “A Novella a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” I’m such a dork.)

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