Bookstore Hopping // The Golden Notebook in Woodstock, NY

I recently took a trip to upstate New York and found myself wandering around Woodstock with some friends. The iconic site of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 is now a bustling, flourishing town full of musicians, artists and writers. On Memorial Day Weekend here in the States, Woodstock the Town throbbed with energy from street fairs, drum circles, flea markets, music and tourists, myself included. I also had the chance to stumble upon a bookstore called The Golden Notebook.

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I spoke to the owner of this awesome place, and she told me they feature a lot of local writers and books about the history of New York and the history of the town. The Golden Notebook is a labor of love that has been open since 1977, at a time of an economic recession when opening any kind of business was an enormous risk. It has been open since then! The owner gave me personal attention and started pulling books off the shelf that she thought I’d like. That’s what I love about indies.

I picked two titles, Goodbye to All That, a book of short stories about “loving and leaving New York” and Abigail Thomas’s book of poetic writing prompts, Two Pages:

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The exterior of the bookstore oozed small-town charm while the interior was warm and very modern. I especially liked the emphasis on local writers and the fun Alice in Wonderland window displays! I did lament the prices though; I usually buy secondhand and those two books hurt my wallet 🙁

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Support your local indie bookstores! Check out The Golden Notebook’s website and Facebook page.

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