When I Go Exploring…

I don’t ever get a lot of time to shut off my life and go exploring. Despite unemployment I do have a lot of commitments (this blog included) and I also cherish my down time at home with my family and going to the same places that I love in my own area. But I absolutely love to explore and I have been toying with the idea of buying a random plane ticket somewhere and just leaving tomorrow. My bank account just hissed at me for saying so, but in the meantime, I can explore the nooks and crannies of my own state of New York.

The Hudson River towns are chock full of history and they definitely display their heritage proudly. I don’t live on the river, being closer to the Bronx than anywhere else, but the little river towns are only fifteen to twenty minutes away and they boast many independent shops, lots of culture, and an old-world aura that I find addictive.

Recently I made a pilgrimage to the nearby town of Hastings to visit a couple of indie bookshops, but I found upon arrival that both were closed. I was really disappointed that I had made the trip, but then I ended up parking on a side street somewhere and I whipped out my camera and took to the alleys.

I loved the silence and seclusion of being that person with a camera. I always get a few stares when I do this but I try to just turn off the world. There’s so much to see in your normal surroundings that if you look around you with the right disposition, everything you see looks different, like it’s been given a new face. I love seeing the world through a lens and with an artistic attitude.

Here are some snapshots of this one little street with some infrastructural idiosyncrasies:

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The Riverrun Bookshop storefront was lovely, littered as it was with nostalgia and literary paraphernalia. I peeked inside and saw gold-embossed books! I can’t believe it was closed 🙁

I’ll have to go exploring again soon, and I definitely want to visit those two bookshops the next chance I get. It wasn’t a futile trip after all.

Do you ever get the exploring bug and just go nuts with a camera?

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