Shoe Lust: The Privileged Dazed Bootie

Help me decide! I found these shoes on the DSW website and completely fell in love:


I adored the straps and the pointed toe, and especially that clear lucite heel. But then I saw that they come in another color:


And because of my unhealthy addiction to floral (even abstract floral) I had a moment of indecision and I don’t know which one I love better. These babies are on sale so I have to snap them up quick!


Black or multi? This is an important decision.

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  • Your shoe posts make me wish I could wear heels without serious pain (it doesn’t help that I’m too clumsy to balance on them either). These are both amazing. While the black are extremely versatile, the flowered ones have an extra bit of personality. I’m betting you’ll wish you bought the flower ones if you opt for the black ones. Or buy one now and the other later.

    • Maria P


    • I know you’re right! I was toying with the idea of getting them both but after careful deliberation (and much staring) I’ve decided on the floral. There will be other black booties but the colors of the others are completely unique!

  • MULTI!!! sorry for the all-caps, but I freakin’ love unusual floral patterns. Go for it!!

    • I got the last floral pair in size 8! I think it was destiny…

  • miiu

    i would have gone black, but then again… what a dull and safe bet. 😀 ” This is an important decision.” made me lol 😀

    • Haha thank you! I get overemotional about shoes 🙂

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