London Travel Diaries, Historical Places

I wanted to share with you guys some pictures of my trip to London a couple years ago. I was there for a month taking a class during college, and I got to experience some amazing adventures. My favorite historical places I visited were Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London, and Hever Castle. Here are some pictures of my time there.

Hampton Court Palace

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The Tower of London

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Hever Castle

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My favorite places were steeped in history and although the exhibits can be kind of kitschy and cheesy (like the skit between actors playing Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn), you can still feel the echoes of what had happened when you walked through these beautiful old places. It was eerie and sort of comforting. Places like these tie you to the past.


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  • gah everything is so beautiful!! I’m jealous you go to go to London 🙂 some day, some day…

  • Wow….a photo is thousand times more powerful than a word.And to describe your incredible pics are the toughest part of it! Nice !!!!