Lit Ink, or, the Bookish Tattoo

Here are my favorite bookish tattoos I’ve come across from rummaging around the Internet. The first one is my desktop background right now. I love the placement of the piece and just the framing of the picture in general. If you had to get a tattoo like this one, which author’s face would you get? I would probably get Lord Byron or something, just so I could stare at that face all the time 😉 .

Some of these are so creative with design and placement. It’s giving me dangerous ideas.


Agatha Christie


Dr. TJ Eckleburg’s eyes from The Great Gatsby


Pemberley! Or what inspired Pemberley, Chatsworth House in Devon.


Another Pride and Prejudice-inspired one! So lovely.


I like this one, but it’s a bit too big for my taste.


Recognize this? It’s from The Velveteen Rabbit! That book made me cry when I was a child.




Another awesome Harry Potter one


Peter Pan!


Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


I like this Pride and Prejudice quote, but I don’t like how it’s spoken by Charlotte. This is one of her wiser quotes, though.


And a dramatic one, from Wuthering Heights. I do love Catherine as a character, and this is one of her more insightful lines from the book.

Would you get any of these?

most of these are from this Buzzfeed post and this Tumblr page

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  • You know, I can’t say I’d get any tattoo. Where would you have yours put?

  • Oh wow, some of these are really pretty! I used to be against getting any tattoos, but lately I’ve been reconsidering… I’m just not sure I love anything enough to have it on my skin forever!

    • It’s definitely a commitment! A good rule is to wait a year between getting the idea and actually getting inked. It’s not a guarantee you’ll still love it when you’re fifty, but if you still really want it after a year, I think it’s worth getting.

  • I like the Always one 🙂

    • So do I! It’s a lovely moment in the book, too.