Bookstore Hopping: Gulliver's Books in Fairbanks, AK

My recent trip to Alaska was wonderful in a myriad of ways. I explored a new landscape, had new experiences, and even managed to visit two indie bookstores in a five-day period. Yes, I am an addicted bookworm, thanks for asking. The indie bookstore Gulliver’s Books is located in the small-towny, scenic city of Fairbanks, Alaska, one of the most popular places in the US to see the northern lights (no, we didn’t see them). I stayed for a couple days and visited this shop, among a few others.


Gulliver’s Books is located across from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks campus, but I was somewhat disappointed in this bookstore. Their fiction section was severely understocked; in fact, I don’t think I saw even a dozen titles of literary fiction on these shelves: they were heavy on genre fiction. Romance, sci-fi, and fantasy were over-represented, and I couldn’t find anything I liked. Genre fiction isn’t really my thing, unless it comes highly recommended. Call me a book snob.


What I did like about this bookstore was the little cafe in back, and the travel/history section that boasted many history books about Fairbanks and Alaska in general. I love reading about the history of a place, especially when I’m visiting. It lends an aura, a mystique to the area when you know more about what happened here decades, sometimes centuries before. I took a peek in a few of those books and read more about the beautiful town of Fairbanks.


I also quite liked the bottom floor better. They had a modest collection of “made in Alaska” cultural items like sculptures and souvenirs like tea sets and pottery. Plus this awesome giant polar bear 🙂

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  • Oh, I love me some genre fiction. So I would be right at home in this book shop! Heh. I love the local feel it seems to portray, with the café and such. Great post! 😀

    • The cafe was awesome! And yes, my favorite part was how Alaskan it was. This is why I visit indies to begin with! Because each is unique to the area and the people who frequent it (even though I love my Barnes & Noble as well!)

  • I don’t read genre fiction, either! The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series being the major exception. So you are not alone in your book snobbery. 🙂 I’m so glad you shared these pictures, as otherwise I would probably never get the chance to see this quaint little bookstore!

    • I’m glad you like it! I’ll continue to do these posts and visit lots of new bookstores…wow, what a difficult task that will be 😉 Like you, I also loved loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, and would love to read more genre fiction of that caliber!