Fashion: Happy

Today’s look is a bit whimsical. I found these strange patterned tights at Aldo and decided to give them a whirl, and I’m not fully sold on them yet. Maybe with a tall boot? But I do like the mix of weird patterns and bright colors in this outfit, and it’s one of the only times you’ll see me in simple flats. Strangely enough, I find flats really uncomfortable, probably due to the shape of my feet or something. I can walk in heels all day and be more comfortable than in flats!

IMG_4595 IMG_4609 IMG_4611 IMG_4614

scarf from my mother, cardigan from my sisters, skirt from Charade, tights from Aldo

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln


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  • I love the scarf! And kinda like the tights–not for me of course. In fact, I might steal the scarf!

    • Oh no, I might have to keep an eye on my closet from now on…haha, glad you like the look!

  • Noo! Don’t hide the tights in boots! They’re awesome! Just own it. Like a boss.


  • Well done!