Blogger Love

Part of being a blogger is the privilege of being an active member of the blogosphere. I love reading blogs and connecting with people from all parts of the world, and having a constant source of inspiration. Here are five blogs I’ve come to adore! Check ’em out.

1. Literary Vittles (literature and lifestyle)

Alina from Literary Vittles is an insightful, passionate, talented writer who I can relate to, being a recent college grad and an avid book-lover. She focuses on film and television as well, coupled with political and social commentary that I appreciate. Plus, I love when she recommends books to me (keep going, please)!

2. The Hitchcockian Cockatoo (lifestyle and fashion)

My former Fordham University classmate Christine runs a fantastic fashion/lifestyle blog that focuses on literature, art, culture, food, shopping, and outfits of the day. She’s based in Queens. She’s got a great sense of style and excellent taste in books! We took a creative writing class together and I can attest to her excellent writing skills. I think she even has some stories published!

3. Flattery (fashion)

Breanne from Flattery runs an amazing fashion blog I’ve been a fan of for a couple years now. She has a flair for creating dramatic yet effortless outfits that use color in unexpected ways. She also has an Etsy shop! Plus, I absolutely love her photos shot in the snow: they look so dreamy and ethereal. When I look for outfit inspiration, her blog is one of my first stops.

4. A Bit Behind on Books (literature)

Sarah from Behind in Books bases her blog on something familiar: the FOMO you get when it seems like everyone else has read a book before you. So now she’s catching up and delighting her readers with interesting book reviews and commentary on the literature she’s reading! I love her insights and the way she interacts with other bloggers, through features like Follow Friday or Top Ten Tuesday. It’s really fun to see what she comes up with!

5. An American in Iceland (travel and lifestyle)

Iceland being on my Top 3 Places to Visit (the other two are India and the UK), this blog is wonderful for me. The writer of the blog, Hannah, is spending a few years in Reykjavik for grad school and documenting her once-in-a-lifetime experiences in blog form. Her pictures are breathtaking, and I love reading about the culture and all the different events she is experiencing. I can live vicariously through her until I set foot in Iceland myself!

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  • Awww thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

  • Thanks for this. I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing and I have found it to be fantastically communal. It’s always good to get tips on new blogs to check out!

  • Ah gee. Thanks for the mention!!! Imma gonna check out these other blogs asap!!


  • Aww thanks so much!! I’m honored! You’re on my Blogroll as well 🙂

  • Thanks for including me!