Bookstore Hopping: Bruised Apple Books

I love visiting new indie bookstores, especially if they stock used books, but when it comes to Westchester/Hudson Valley, the choices are kind of slim. After some searching, I found a hidden gem in Peekskill: Bruised Apple Books. I fell in love with the pictures on the website and decided I had to pay a visit. Not only do they sell used and new books, but they also have an impressive selection of used and new vinyl, CDs, and a modest little collection of popular movies in DVD form. But books are the main event there, and they’re celebrated.

Warning: long post with many pretty pictures ahead.

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I also spoke to the owner and learned that Bruised Apple Books has been in business for 20 years, no small amount of time! You can tell how much books are loved here. The owner chatted with me a bit, gave me permission to snap a few pictures, and threw in a free button with my purchase! Bruised Apple has easily become one of the best bookstores I’ve ever visited (second only to the Westsider on the Upper West Side). I’ll be a frequent visitor.

This is the gorgeous music/media section:

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Aside from the usual collection of printed tees (which actually come in crop-top variations for the female crowd, an innovation I liked), Bruised Apple also sells little buttons like I mentioned before, vintage postcards, and the covers of vintage paperback books (mostly romance novels, which was fun!). These merchandise choices differ from the common tees-and-totes formula with sometimes a notebook or bookmark thrown in. There’s also an emphasis on travel, with a well-stocked new and vintage travel section and many, many pretty maps! It was beautiful.

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Their fiction section was small but remarkably well-stocked. Every genre is represented here though, from Fantasy and Sci-Fi, to travel, theology, spirituality, Children’s, even gardening. It’s really fun to peruse all the sections, each with an interesting decor. I could see myself coming back and getting lost in here for hours. I think I just might.

iI bought two books:

Winter’s Tales by Isak Denisen, and Helen of Troy, by Ruby Blondell, because I’m obsessed both with winter and with Helen of Troy.

IMG_3251 IMG_3252 IMG_3257little button!

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