On My Way to Alaska

When you read this I’ll be on a flight to Alaska with my best friend! Yes, we’re crazy to visit Alaska in February (where the low temp in Fairbanks will reach -25 degrees), but we’re looking at it with an adventurous spirit and gratitude that we’re able to fulfill a lifelong dream. Why is Alaska a lifelong dream? Just look at it!


I’ve always been drawn to the north, to the snow and to the dark, long nights. I don’t know why, but I think it has to do with the mysterious beauty the north has. There are so many uninhabited areas, so many mountains no one can climb–it feels like the earth is older in the north, like it’s been harboring secrets from mankind for millions of years. Visiting the north makes me feel like an explorer. It helps that my friend and I are dead-set on driving as far north as we can and effectively chasing the aurora borealis. I can’t wait!


I’ll be back next week! In other news, Happy Valentine’s Day! Spend today with those you love, and don’t spend too much money; remember, a bacon bouquet is much more appreciated than flowers.


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  • have fun!! take lots of pictures!! quite jealous but I hope you enjoy 🙂