Snow Vixen

It’s just about a week until I go to Alaska, and I’m preparing by buying a new warm coat and some cold-weather essentials. Honestly though, we’ve had colder temperatures in New York the past few weeks than in Alaska: one day it was 1 degree here and 40 in Anchorage, so I feel pretty well-suited to zero and sub zero temperatures. But the temperature is dropping up north and here’s what I’ve purchased so far:

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.49.31 PM

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Yes, I created a color scheme. I did a lot of research on snow boots but the ones I wanted were either very expensive or sold out in my size. Luckily, I found these Kamik Snowvixen boots on eBay for half the price. Then I scoured eBay because that was awesome, and I also found an affordable down coat that had all of my requirements: it was white, long, hooded, and belted.

Number 5 is a glove liners/boots liners combo pack meant to insulate your hands and feet underneath your socks/gloves, and number 4 is a thermal top and bottom you can wear under your clothes! I shall be extremely warm and cozy (I hope!).

It took me a while to find boots I could afford: believe me, I wanted some very expensive, beautiful snow boots and finding an affordable pair was no mean feat. Luckily I am a seasoned shoe-hunter and am very determined. I love those boots so much, and everything is waterproof/insulated/moisture wicking/etc., and I am layering up with some of my favorite sweaters and fuzzy socks! I think I was made to live in the Arctic Circle, truly. I love the cold. I also love hot chocolate and snow.

This is what I wish I could look like in subzero temperatures:


This is what I will actually look like:1002569-ghostbusters_stay_puft_marshmallow_man_bank_1

Stay puffed, y’all.

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