Evening Extravagance by Modcloth

Modcloth recently approached me to create a fabulous ensemble centered around the Evening of Extravagance Dress, and truly, it was a pleasure to mix and match pieces from their collection to create a stunning look I’d definitely wear. Here’s my take on Modcloth evening fashion:

Modcloth_polyvoreon my Polyvore as well

What I love most about Modcloth is the way their clothing combines whimsy and elegance for a truly statement ensemble that feels both unique and vintage, without sacrificing current trends. The clothes and shoes I’ve purchased from Modcloth always attract compliments, more so than any other clothing brand, I’ve found (except, perhaps, for my DIY heels, but that’s not a brand!).

Here I’ve created a formal ensemble with classic pieces that feel both timeless and quirky–Modcloth excels in quirk. I love Modcloth’s dresses the best, and maybe their shoes, dripping as they are with character and a touch of the unconventional. I’d wear this outfit for a rather formal Valentine’s Day date. I love the punctuation ring especially!

Note: I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive any free items, though Modcloth did approach me to create an ensemble for the Uniquely You campaign. This board reflects my own personal style and I would absolutely wear it in real life! 

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