My Christmas Lit & Fashion Haul

As you can probably expect, I got plenty of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and books for Christmas. Not too shabby:


I love the print on this skater skirt, and the slight steampunk vibe of the statement necklace.


Gilmore Girls on DVD, and some great books I’ve been salivating for: The Lowland, The Valkyries, The Alchemist, Neverwhere, Bellman & Black, and The Moonstone. January will be a month filled with great reads, so stay tuned!


shoes from ModCloth and Jeffrey Campbell! Evangelina mesh booties, Flair-y Tale Boots, and Haute on Your Heels Booties

.IMG_2591 IMG_2592

And the coat from Modcloth I was waxing poetic about just a few short weeks ago…


Haul ^ I’m ready for a long, cold winter filled with reading by the fire, plenty of scarves and boots, and some great hot chocolate!

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  • Aw snap! I bought Bellman and Black (along with a ton of other books) today with the book vouchers Santa kindly bestowed upon me.

    And those boots are absolute fabulous! XD

    • I can’t wait to read it! And thanks! I have a shoe addiction, but that’s probably apparent from my blog ha ha!

      • Oh yeaaah.. Shoes are the boss. I got six pairs, that’s right, SIX, under the tree this year..

        Santa knows me so well.. Ha!

  • Oh! Also, is your copy of Bellman and Black upside down? I couldn’t decide if it was supposed to be like that (you know, a kooky kind of addition to the read) or whether the book store had put all the sleeves on upside down..

    • Mine isn’t upside down but I’ve had a book like that before. I kind of like it!