Outfit of the [Snow] Day

It’s snowing up a storm here in New York, and it’s beautiful. I hope it keeps up until Christmas–there’s nothing I love more than a white Christmas.

Snow Day 1 Snow Day 2

On Tuesday I enjoyed a snow day from work and spent the evening decorating the Christmas tree with my family, which is one of my favorite traditions and one of the best days in my Christmas season. Here’s what I wore out in the falling snow:

IMG_2082 IMG_2083IMG_2090IMG_2087IMG_2081

I really love this weird reindeer top I got from Camden Market in London. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just a regular deer (sticking out his tongue no less), but I thought it matched well with the skirt and my Christmassy mood!

top Camden Market; skirt H&M; boots Forever 21; scarf gift


In other news, this week I’m reading Madame Bovary for the first time, and it’s awesome so far–Emma kind of reminds me of a non-ironic portrayal of Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey. Can’t wait to read it all and share my thoughts!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Hope you’re celebrating the Christmas season with lots of books and creamy hot chocolate by the fire, or maybe a spiked spiced apple cider!

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  • That top is fantastic!

    And I’m so jealous of the snow! We had rain today in England.. no surprises there..

    • Thanks! What part of England are you writing from? I’ve only ever been to London but it is my second favorite place on earth! Here’s hoping you get some snow soon!

      • I’m writing from Devon. The good ol’ countryside 😀

        Still no snow.. but plenty of wind today!