A Very Literary Christmas: A Gift Guide

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! I get giddy this time of year and think of all the wonderful things I do with my family–the simple things, like making really decadent hot chocolate and watching Home Alone with my sisters, or decorating the Christmas tree for hours with my family while we all sing along to Christmas music and throw tinsel at each other. I start to look forward to the Christmas season around August, and I’m not ashamed. Likely you’ll see a lot of Christmas-themed Instagram photos on this page as I revel in the season’s joy and absurdity with the people I love.

But everyone knows the most stressful part of Christmas: buying gifts. Thankfully, my family and I keep it small and even though I have a big family, we do a Secret Santa so we don’t get out of hand. These are just some things I’ve stumbled upon on the Internet that I would love to have, and maybe you’ll get a few ideas for the lit lover in your own life!

On my own wish list:

the aptly-named (in my case, anyway), Writer’s Block Party Coat, from Modcloth

Writers-Block-Party-Coat-Modcloth Writers-Block-Party-Coat-Modcloth-Shoes


I love this jacket for the details: the bows, the collar, and the cinched-in waist. I also love that the model is wearing floral heels. Clearly, this jacket was made for me. And I can wear this jacket with these shoes!

Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf

Umbra-Floating-Bookshelf Umbra-Floating-Bookshelf-Example Umbra-Floating-Shelf-Preview

If you’re like me, you constantly run out of places to put all your books. I have six bookcases (some are piled on top of my wardrobe or stacked sloppily on top of my dresser/nightstand) and I’m looking into a seventh set of bookshelves but I’d love to incorporate a couple of these floating shelves–they just look so cool!


Anna Karenina-printed scarf


I’m usually not a fan of overtly-bookish things as they tend to be cheesy to me, but I really love this because it’s subtle and looks elegant without it screaming, I READ BOOKS, which I hate. This Etsy shop does all colors and all books, but I happen to love the Anna Karenina one.


Bathtub Book Caddy

This. So much this. I love to read in the bath but I’m terrified of dropping my book in the water and ruining it, and this would make my life a lot easier, considering the rim of the bath tends to get drenched too. As an added bonus, it has a section for your overflowing wine glass–a must.


But of course, the best things you can buy for a book lover are books. Next time you’re at a loss, just look up your friend’s Amazon wish list! I know I keep mine stocked with options 🙂

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  • Oh my gosh….. I am in love with that coat…
    Seriously all good picks though ^^

  • That coat is lush! Also.. I need me one of those book-bath tables! Heh heh. 😀

    • Aren’t they brilliant? Definitely a must-have!

  • You should add chloe and isabel jewelry to your list; I just started obsessing over their pieces so much I was offered a job through them! If any of your followers go to their website (chloeandisabel.com) have them search for me as a merchandiser (Riley Sharpe or 44012 for the area code). Happy Holiday Shopping! That book shelf is so cool; I’ve wanted one for a while! Way to organize and add decor!!

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