DIY: I put flowers on my feet

Over the weekend I sat down and devoted some hours to doing these DIY tapestry boots. I had the day to myself and the whole first season of The OC to watch (it was a great day). I had recently ordered a pair of boots and some tapestry fabric cheaply in order to recreate a pair of Jeffrey Campbells that aren’t available anymore. As an added bonus, with all the supplies, these boots only cost me about $50. It was my birthday present to me 🙂 Take a look at my DIY tapestry boots!

DIY tapestry boots

These boots are so pretty that I thought of ordering them again and keeping them intact! I am an addict.

DIY tapestry bootsI ordered a yard of fabric, thinking that if I messed up I’d have more to compensate. It turned out fine, so now I have an extra half yard of tapestry so if anyone wants to try this DIY let me know!

IMG_1995I started the same way I always do, with scrap fabric (usually muslin) to make patterns. I used rough patterns this time since the surface area was larger and less fussy. I left seam allowance as well for the top of the boot so I could fold it over.

IMG_1999IMG_2005IMG_2001This looked so pretty! For a minute I entertained the idea of just doing panels for these DIY tapestry boots but I think it would have looked weird because the tapestry is so thick.

IMG_2009Glue! I used simple fabric glue, Sobo I think it’s called. It helps to let it sit for a minute before sticking the fabric because it gets tacky and sticks better. If the fabric sticks quickly it becomes easier to handle the shoe to do the other side. Just in case though, I switched shoes between gluing each piece to give the shoe time to dry while I did the other one. I painted the glue on but I also used my fingers to spread it more accurately into the corners.IMG_2011IMG_2014

The really tricky part of these DIY tapestry boots was cutting and gluing the pieces accurately together. Tapestry fabric frays like crazy. This required a lot of patience and meticulousness. When I got the pieces glued to the shoe, I dipped my finger into the glue and put it right on top of the seams so the pieces would glue together and not fray. The front and toe parts were equally difficult.IMG_2016IMG_2018 I decided to paint the heel black to blend in better with the black background of the fabric.IMG_2019 After the paint dried, I applied a Matte sealer spray to even out the texture, dissolve the brushstrokes, and reduce the shine.IMG_2022 Then I went back over and applied glue to any bits that were fraying.IMG_2025 IMG_2026

And here they are! I’m never buying normal shoes again 😉

Photo Nov 16, 6 47 29 PM

I wore them on Saturday night and not only were they so cute, they’re also very comfortable! (Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture-I was in a rush out the door and left my camera upstairs!)signoff

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